Jeff Yarbro & State Rep. Mike Stewart



Find your Polling Place for Election Day

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Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. on Thursday

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Vote with Tyler & Volunteer Rally


Join Tyler Yarbro as she casts her vote for Jeff at 9 am at Howard School! We will be kicking off Early Vote efforts by voting and then volunteering throughout the district. Please contact Will McManus, (334) 648-2833 or, to sign-up for an Early Vote or Election Day shift. At the conclusion of the day, the campaign welcomes all our friends and volunteers to join us at Edley's East.



Getting serious about education

Very little about the way adults are debating education right now could serve as a model for children about how to resolve conflicts. Educators in our public schools are doing heroic work, but the reality is that we have to do better. 

You can't be serious about improving schools without confronting poverty. Where families live determines where their children are zoned to go to school. And the sad reality is that in schools with concentrated poverty, students are far less likely to succeed. 

Untitled.jpgThe graph here shows how many 3rd graders are proficient readers in a school compared to the percentage of Untitled.jpgstudents who qualify for free or reduced lunch. As poverty rates go up, achievement goes down. Too often, the zip code in which a child lives dictates the opportunities they will have.

This isn't because children living in poverty aren't capable. Some schools have beaten the odds and proven that students in predominantly poor schools can achieve real academic success. The data also show that economically disadvantaged students do a lot better when they're not in economically segregated schools. Economically disadvantaged children are about five times more likely to read at grade level in an economically diverse school than in one where virtually every student is growing up in poverty.

Because all of our children can succeed, it's morally wrong for us to have a system where they don't. I'm running for state senate because we have to do better. No one has all the answers, but let's talk about how we get started.

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