Next time you hear Republicans are pro-business

We hear all the time that Republicans are pro-business. But Republicans in our legislature are putting ideology first – letting what’s good for right-wing politics trump what’s good for Tennessee’s economy and jobs for Tennesseans.

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Just One Week

President Obama is visiting Nashville this week following tonight's State of the Union Address. Media reports have focused on how some Tennessee Republicans are refusing to attend or using the visit as an opportunity to criticize the President. But when the President of the United States comes to town to celebrate the work of teachers and students, we should all stand in support.

Too often, we only hear the bad news about public schools -- where we're falling behind or the conflicts about charter schools being hashed out in social media. It's great for this community that the President's visit will focus attention on some good news. As someone who's been involved in Metro Schools' high school redesign work over the last seven years, there are literally hundreds of teachers, principals, parents, and community partners who share in this success and deserve both our congratulations and our help in the work ahead.

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House Party at the Home of Betty Nixon

You're invited to a conversation with Jeff Yarbro

from 6 to 8 p.m.  

Tuesday, January 28

Home of Betty Nixon 

1607 18th Avenue South 37212

Hosted By

Keri Adams

Margaret Behm & Harlan Dodson

Iris Buhl

Lou & Stewart Clifton

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Honoring Dr. King


Jeff talks with attendees at the MLK Day celebration and march on Jefferson Street on Monday. Please click here to see the full Facebook photo album.