Jeff's Announcement

I'm running to represent Nashville's 21st district in the Tennessee State Senate because our legislature is heading in the wrong direction. When I ran four years ago, I hoped to bring new leadership and fresh ideas to state government. Today, I still believe we need change and also a dose of plain common sense.
As your State Senator, I’ll work every day to bring people together to get work done on the issues that matter most. While that may sound pretty simple, it’s become increasingly rare. Too often our legislature is making Tennessee a punch line on late-night comedy shows instead of confronting the real challenges facing our families and communities.
Between now and Election Day, I'll be traveling across the district to ask for your help, not only in this campaign, but also in the longer and more difficult job of bringing common sense back to our state government. Please reply to this email, share your ideas, and let us know if we can count on your support. 
Here's how you can get involved:
Everyone I meet understands that Tennessee is at a crossroads and needs leaders willing to roll up their sleeves and help move us back in the right direction.    
On health care, the legislature has focused more on fighting Obamacare than using common sense to help Tennesseans. We have to build a coalition to expand insurance coverage to the more than 300,000 Tennesseans who are eligible, avoid unnecessary hospital closures and lay offs, and lower health care costs for everyone.
In 2009, the legislature passed landmark education reform legislation with the support of Democrats, Republicans, superintendents, teachers, parents, and the business community. While educators are making some strides in the right direction, the current legislature is now in a race to the bottom – funding low-performing, for-profit virtual schools; seeking to funnel public dollars to private schools; and fighting with local governments over charter schools. We have to rise above these current conflicts and keep our focus on what matters most. We cannot rest until our kids - all of our kids - have a real shot at achieving their full potential. To get there, we have to expand early childhood education, empower and support great principals, invest in the training and mentoring of teachers, and fix the way we fund our schools.
In the last three years alone, the legislature has debated more than 50 bills about gun rights. The misplaced priorities of this legislature are bad for Tennessee. Our state is ranked 40th in the nation in unemployment rates, 45th in innovation and entrepreneurship, 42nd in education, 47th in protecting women from domestic violence, 38th in preschool enrollment, 39th in the percentage of children living in areas of concentrated poverty, and 48th in infant mortality rates. We can do better. It's not going to change overnight. But it has to change.
Let’s get to work.