Jeff knows that Tennessee's General Assembly spends too much time playing politics and not enough time addressing the real challenges facing our state. We need a State Senator who is determined to make progress - and who will work with us to get real results for Tennesseans.

Supporting Teachers & Improving Schools

  • As a longtime public school volunteer, Jeff has engaged parents and community leaders to work to increase opportunities for at-risk students and expand college access.
  • Jeff will fight in the State Senate to support our teachers and expand pre-K to ensure our children start school ready to learn.

Expanding Access to Health Care

  • Jeff will fight to expand Medicaid, to give over 300,000 uninsured Tennesseans access to health care and preserve our local hospitals.
  • As your State Senator, Jeff will work to expand access to preventative care to reduce infant mortality rates, childhood obesity, and Type II diabetes.

Advocating for Nashville

  • Jeff will stand up for Nashville when the legislature tries to overturn Metro's laws, micromanage our city's transit planning, and spend our local tax dollars on vouchers for private schools.
  • Jeff will work to ensure that every resident has a part in Nashville's success through quality jobs and affordable living.


Over the course of the campaign, Jeff will be adding more detailed policy proposals to the site. If you have any questions about where Jeff stands or if you want to share your ideas, please click here.