Standing Up for Nashville

Dear Friend,

The Tennessee legislature is out of control. Tennessee ranks near the bottom in health care, early childhood education, and children in poverty. But rather than addressing the real challenges facing the state, the General Assembly is intent on interfering with local governments.

Abandoning the principle of local control, Tennessee lawmakers are trying to "control the locals."

Last year, the legislature passed a law to nullify a Nashville non-discrimination ordinance, and we've seen attempts this year to overturn local prohibitions against guns in parks. A voucher bill that would mandate spending local tax dollars on private school vouchers is advancing, as is a bill that would allow the state to authorize the creation of charter schools. Legislative leaders are even debating legislation to dictate where bus stops in Nashville can be located.

Enough is enough.

Nashville's economy is creating jobs and providing opportunities at a rate faster than most of our state. One out of every $6 in Tennessee sales taxes comes from Nashville—far more than our share of the population. Our city seeks to work in partnership with the state and deserves better from the General Assembly.

The legislature has to work with our cities and towns rather than intervening to veto local decisions that don’t meet conservative ideological tests. Join our campaign to stand up for Nashville by making a financial contribution to the campaign or signing up to volunteer today.