What Happens When We Stand Together

"Are you sure you actually want to run for the State Senate?"

Sadly, that's one of the questions I hear most on the campaign trail. Discouraged by the legislature, people want to know why I believe we can turn things around. The loudest and most strident voices in our state legislature are trying to hold Tennessee back.

But when we build coalitions and work together, we can move Tennessee forward. That's why I'm optimistic about what can happen in the Tennessee legislature.

We recently saw a proposal to provide legal protections to those who discriminate against the LGBT community. Citizens, businesses, and organizations from across the state worked together to voice their opposition and succeeded in killing the bill.

In the legislature, we see opposition to providing in-state tuition to United States citizens who are children of undocumented immigrants. But again, a coalition of Democrats, Republicans, businesses, civic organizations, and volunteers is finding success and advancing legislation that will make college more affordable for thousands of Tennessee students.  

When we build broad coalitions of Tennesseans, we will continue to find success. Tennessee is not full of conservative extremists. We have the people's support to expand Medicaid, provide voluntary pre-K opportunities for our kids, and make college more accessible and affordable. Since we can do better, all of us who care about this state have to do our part.

Let's get to work on building a better future together. We need your help to win this campaign. Please support us with a contribution, share your ideas, or volunteer to knock on doors in neighborhoods across the district.