Yarbro for State Senate Event (Wed. Feb. 26 | 5:30-7:00 | Giovanni's)

Since 2010, the Tennessee legislature has been intervening more and more in our civil justice system. Over the last four years, the legislature has imposed caps on non-economic and punitive damages, dramatically altered worker's compensation, and changed by statute the summary judgment standards applicable in Tennessee courts. The General Assembly has pushed aggressive changes to judicial selection, judicial evaluation, and judicial elections. When the legislature reconvenes after this year's elections, Tennessee's state senate will be playing a huge role in determining how state judges are selected and retained. While there are 3 Democratic lawyers in the state senate now, not a single one of them plans to be serving in January 2015. It couldn't be a more important time for those of us that care about civil justice to focus on the legislature.
We hope that you will join us next week. While we hope that you'll consider making a contribution to the campaign, we think it's even more important that you come and meet Jeff, listen to his plans, and share your concerns.
We hope to see you next week.

Mark, Dave & Tyler