I’m Jeff Yarbro and I’m running for Mayor of Nashville.

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I believe in this city. It’s where my wife Tyler and our kids Jack and Kate call home. It’s a city about the future, not the past — and we have the chance to shape it this election. The central question is: Who will decide what our future looks like? 

Will it be decided by legislators from other parts of the state and investors from other parts of the country? Or will we decide our own future? Will it be shaped by — and for — out-of-town developers, or will we build a better Nashville for the people who live, work, and raise our families here?

We can create a future built for all, not just some. That’s what we’ve always done in Nashville at our best — and what I’ll do as Mayor. Will you join me?

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Chip in today:

A Nashville for the Future

Sometimes it feels like our city doesn’t make those who live here the top priority. We see new stadiums, skyscrapers, and restaurants, but none of that matters unless Nashville is a great place to live — and people can actually afford to live here. Whether folks want to walk, bike, drive, or use transit, we haven’t done enough to help people move around the city. 

We want Nashville to keep being a place where people come to chase their dreams, but it also has to be a city with safe neighborhoods, affordable homes, great public schools, and city services that folks can count on. The cranes dotting Nashville’s skyline don’t represent our highest aspirations – our greatness is found in the neighborhoods and communities we call home.

It’s time for us to invest in ourselves. This has to be a city where you can not just make a living, but build a life.

Our city is at its best when we come together, so please join me, if you can, by making a grassroots donation to fund this movement.

About Me

Like so many who now call it home, I wasn’t born in Nashville. Instead, I grew up looking to this city from a few hours west in Dyersburg, and dreaming it would one day be home. It’s where I’ve built my life, am raising my family, and it’s the place I’ve been proud to represent in the Senate for the past decade. 

As a Democrat in our State Senate, I’ve built broad coalitions to pass more than 75 pieces of legislation to improve people’s lives. I’ve been successful in working across the aisle to get work done for the city and the state. But I’ve always stood up to extremists in the legislature when our values were on the line. And you can trust that’s exactly what I’ll do as Mayor. 

From investing in affordable housing and expanding childcare options and affordability, to providing resources to homeless youth and prohibiting wage discrimination against those with disabilities, my work has focused on helping people right here in Nashville. 


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